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"I've got an idea!" What do you do after that? Take your business idea out for a spin among friends. Start getting creative. Join us.

We've all done this.  Sometimes, our friends still listen to us when we start with that idea.  But ideas get lost in the day to day, lack of opportunities to evaluate the idea, unknown and vague marketing costs, and, well everything that needs to be done tomorrow and next weekend.  Read More

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Basically your Business in a Box!  Everything you need to start your business and get to profitability fast!


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It's easier than you think.

Angels & Experts

Some cash and a lot of expertise. Pools of 10 companies are mentored by Angels and supported by experts.

Wildfire Startup Slam

March 15, 2012
OwnLocal Corporate HQ
1021 East 7th Street, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78702

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